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We invite brief nonfiction (750 words or fewer) submissions that consider all aspects of illness and disability: what it is, what it means, how our understanding of disability is changing. We want essays that explore how disability is learned during childhood, lived over the entire course of a life, and how our changing understanding of disability shapes the way we experience ourselves and others. We are looking for essays that explore the lived experience of illness and disability, as well as encounters with ableism, and that show readers a new way to understand the familiar or give voice to underrepresented experiences. 

Upon acceptance, we ask for first serial rights, as well as the possibility of publishing your work in a future anthology; all subsequent rights revert immediately to the author. Authors will be paid a $45 honorarium for work selected.

  • We seldom publish previously published work, but we aren't ruling it out. Please let us know if your essay has appeared previously, and where it has appeared.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please alert us — by withdrawing your submission — as soon as possible if your essay has been taken by another venue. 
  • Multiple submissions are fine.
  • Submissions should be formatted as seen on our Brevity site (single space, no indentation, space between paragraphs/unless alternate formatting is a specific design element of the essay).
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.