Brevity publishes flash nonfiction: crisp, concise essays of 750 words or fewer. 

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Brevity publishes well-known and emerging writers working in the extremely brief (750 words or less) essay form. 

Bernard Cooper suggests that short nonfiction “requires an alertness to detail, a quickening of the senses, a focusing of the literary lens ... until one has magnified some small aspect of what it means to be human.” We fully agree.

Upon acceptance, we ask only one-time rights; all subsequent rights revert immediately to the author. Authors will be paid a $45 honorarium for work selected.

We seldom publish previously published work, but we aren't ruling it out. Please let us know however if your essay has appeared previously, and where it appeared.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please alert us -- by withdrawing your submission -- as soon as possible if your essay has been taken by another venue. 

If you are wondering about the $3 fee, here is a full discussion of our reasoning.  We are not getting rich: just struggling to keep this volunteer operation afloat.  

Please use this area if you have a query on a past submission, a prospective submission, or some other aspect of our publication.

We cannot accept essay submissions in this category.  


The Brevity Podcast is seeking submissions for our One-Minute Memoir episode. We’re looking for ultra-flash nonfiction of 100-150 words (on paper) and up to one minute (recording time). Accepted pieces will be broadcast in our February episode and receive a $25 honorarium.

Deadline Jan 6

You may submit in one of two ways: 

1) Text only. Submit a .doc. We will record accepted pieces in the Brevity studio.

2) Audio file. Submit an MP3 of your own recording PLUS a .doc with the text. Read our blog post  about recording your own work for basic sound guidelines. We will master accepted pieces. Recordings should be maximum 60 seconds.

Please start your recording with your name and the title of your piece; this doesn’t count as part of the 60 seconds. 

Brevity publishes well-known and emerging writers working in the extremely brief (750 words or less) essay form. We have featured work from two Pulitzer prize finalists, many NEA fellows, Pushcart winners, Best American authors, and writers from India, Egypt, Ireland, Spain, Malaysia, Qatar, and Japan. We have also featured numerous previously-unpublished authors, and take a special joy in helping to launch a new literary career. Over the past year Brevity has averaged 10,000 unique visitors per month. The Brevity Podcast launched in 2016, and has featured interviews with Andre Dubus III, Dani Shapiro, Rick Moody, and other nonfiction notables.